We’ve Assisted the Second SAP Customer to Go Live with the SAP Single Touch Payroll End to End Solut

We are eager to assist as many SAP AU PY customers to transition to #singletouchpayroll as we can! Today, we assisted our customer to send their Pay Event to ATO in Production payroll! After assisting one of our other clients to be the first SAP customer to report their Pay Event live to ATO, we have worked with the second SAP customer to go live with STP. #kudos for the hard work and commitment of our client. #welldone!

After our years of working with the @Australian Taxation Office on the STP design, with @SAP to test the STP solution and the past few weeks training other SAP partners and customers in STP, to assist our client in the Pilot testing phase then to the inaugural first SAP customer live, it is a pleasure to keep this forward momentum by assisting another SAP customer to transition to STP.

We have assisted other SAP customers with detailed STP implementation plans to transition to STP and with ensuring that they secure the right licenses for the SAP Cloud Platform Integration. We will be assisting them to transition to STP after the holidays. There are many mis-truths and mis-information out there about Single Touch Payroll: we know what we’re doing, and our customers rely on our expert advice and guidance.

How are you going with your transition to STP? Do you need assistance from a team with whom you can have complete confidence in their STP experience, knowledge and skill? Contact us on info@pendragon.com.au or 07 3831 7707 to discuss how we may assist you.

#STP #SAP #singletouchpayroll #payroll #ATO

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